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EMpulse Geophysics Ltd.


The very first transient AMT (TAMT) survey conducted with our first generation equipment over a sand/gravel filled paleo-channel in southern Manitoba, near the town of Melita.

The Saskatchewan Research Council previously conducted a moving loop TEM survey (EM-47) at this location. Due to the very conductive Cretaceous marine shales, the EM-47 was not able to penetrate much beyond 50 m depth, not even to the bottom of the paleo-channel at about 70 m depth, while our TAMT data was able to penetrate to beyond 400 m depth, and to as shallow as approximately 7 m. The Geological Survey of Canada also conducted drift thickness mapping studies in this area and found the maximum thickness of the paleo-channel to be 82 m which agrees quite well with two-dimensional inverted results of the TAMT data.

Please click here to download the report (1.3 MBytes).