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EMpulse Geophysics Ltd.

Otish Mountains

A transient AMT (TAMT) tipper only survey was performed by EMpulse Geophysics in the Otish Mountains of northern Quebec in order to verify the location of basement conductors and to confirm their association with magnetically susceptible sulphides (pyrrhotite). Two previously discovered "VLF" conductors were verified and two new deeper conductors were found, in good correlation anomalous magnetic gradients.

Also inlcuded is a brief analysis of conductor discrimination with natural source tipper data as compared to traditional VLF. Since the tipper response "saturates" at high frequency, only the poorest conductors can be discriminated with classical VLF data. As a result, it's generally not possible to tell the difference between a 10 S conductor and a 100 S conductor with traditional VLF data, the (saturated) response is essentially the same. The extra bandwidth at low frequency with our transient tipper measurements helps significantly to improve conductor discrimination.

Please click here to download the case history (7.2 MBytes).