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EMpulse Geophysics Ltd.

Shea Creek

Three-hundred and fourty-three transient AMT (TAMT) stations were collected by EMpulse Geophysics in the Shea Creek area of northern Saskatchewan, over the Anne, Kianna, 58B and Colette deposits.

A conductive sandstone channel is seen above the Saskatoon Lake conductor in reasonable agreement with 3D inverted DC resistivity data (pole-pole, n=1 to 7, 150 m interval), although the DC resisitivity data produces anomalies that are smoother and spatially larger than that seen with the TAMT data.

In the basement, the Saskatoon Lake and Klarke Lake conductors are well resolved by the TAMT data, there furthermore appears to be indications of cross-cutting structure above the Saskatoon Lake conductor in addition to a weak basement conductor trend approximately 1 km east of the Saskatoon Lake conductor. Even further to the east and at more shallow depths, a finger of possible Wolverine Point that was previously problematic for 2D analysis is properly treated with the 3D analysis herein.

Please click here (5.3 MBytes) to download the short case history.

Please click here (0.84 MBytes) to download a more general case history, by Nimeck and Koch in "The Leading Edge". Note however that there is a typo as related to the TAMT data section, full magnetic field tipper coverage was obtained at all the stations.