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EMpulse Geophysics Ltd.

Slush Lake

A transient AMT (TAMT) survey was conducted by EMpulse Geophysics Ltd. in the Slush Lake area over the Millenium deposit. One hundred and ten stations were collected on six parallel lines, 3D inversion of this data is presented on the inner-most five lines surrounding the deposit.

In the sandstone, conductive material is seen above and to the west (up-dip) from the B1 conductor trend. Conductive basement structure displays a vertical offset of as much as 200 m and a horizontal offset (E-W) of 100 m in the vicinity of the Millenium deposit. A further comparison with 3D inverted DC resistivity  data will be shown soon.

Please click here (1.8 MBytes) to download the 3D inverted TAMT results.